More Creatures - expand your army of Campy Creatures with 4 new Creature cards: The Monster, Rogue Robot, Man-Eating Plant, and Tarantula

More Locations and Mortals - be careful your Creatures don't attract the attention of the Angry Mob and Instigator while they explore the Motel, Power Plant, and Dark castle

More ways to play - with Expansion 1, you can further customize every play experience by choosing the creatures, mortals, and location used each game

Fits in the box -  no need to clutter your shelves, Expansion 1 fits in the box of your base game


Requires a copy of Campy Creatures 2nd Edition. Will not work with Campy Creatures 1st Edition. If you are a 1st Edition owner, check out Campy Creatures Conversion Edition to upgrade your 1st Edition copy AND get Expansion 1