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PARKS Memories is a stand alone matching game that should feel instantly familiar while still offering new strategic depth to the genre. Every turn, players reveal two tiles attempting to match park types which grant single use abilities. Then players take one revealed tile into their collection, blocking one other revealed tile with the Hiker. Use your abilities to reveal, reorganize, block, and hide Parks as you seek to collect 3 matching sets before your opponent(s).

Watch a 3 min overview

This set includes the following national parks:

Big Bend
Capitol Reef
Carlsbad Caverns
Cuyahoga Valley
Death Valley
Gateway Arch
Grand Canyon
Grand Teton
Great Sand Dunes
Hot Springs
Joshua Tree
Mammoth Cave
Mesa Verde
Petrified Forest
Theodore Roosevelt
Wind Cave


2+ Players

Playtime 15 - 30 mins

Ages 6+

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